The Dunklin Fire Protection District was formed in 1974 with the merging of the Horine Volunteer Fire Department and the Pevely Valley Fire Department. A tax supported fire district was formed to better serve the residents of the area. Ray Sheets served as the first Chief of the newly formed department, and the President of the Board of Directors. Charles Wm. Winford served on the board of directors as the Secretary and Treasurer since the formation of the district.


After countless attempts, for the first time in 20 years the citizens of the Dunklin Fire Protection District approved a much needed .25 cent tax levy in August of 2006. As a result the Dunklin Fire Protection District was able to hire six additional 24 hour paid firefighters as full time staff. This ensures the citizens of the District they will have an immediate and much more effective response to emergency incidents. The District was also able to update extremely outdated equipment which was being used by firefighters on a daily basis. The staff at Dunklin Fire Protection District can not express enough thanks to the citizens for their support on this issue.

Where We're Going

The Dunklin Fire Protection District has seen a tremendous growth in residential construction, travel and population over the last several years. As a result, the district is closely monitoring a noticeable increase in emergency calls for service. It is priority for our Board of Directors and Chief Officers to constantly re-evaluate our emergency arrival times and overall citizen and firefighter safety. With additional hiring, constantly growing venue, and changes in firefighting technology/safety the current headquarters and only Fire Station is quickly becoming cramped. As our venue expands it will require a second Fire Station to be constructed within the next couple of years. This will allow for us to re-assign current firefighters, and apparatus to maintain rapid response times.



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